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Here’s the thing, I love learning; I’m a big believer in being a lifelong learner. In this blog I want to simultaneously share my own knowledge and learn from my readers. I am going to be sharing my successes and my many many failures in baking, creating, getting outside, and reading. I hope we can learn, heal, and grow together!

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4 Reasons why Pollinators are our Friends

Do you like coffee? How about sweet summer blueberries? Chocolate. How much do you like chocolate? Hmmm…what about modern medicine? If you love the above, you should be a HUGE cheerleader for pollinators, because without pollinators, we wouldn’t have the lovely plants that feed us, support our ecosystems, keep the Earth healthy, and heal us. … Continue reading 4 Reasons why Pollinators are our Friends

The Surprise in the Icing

I will always remember any holiday or family celebrations as happy times and SWEET times. Tables overflowed with mouthwatering desserts: sweet yet savory chocolate chip cookies, tangy zuccherinis, simple pizzelles, Grace’s (aka Mom-Mom) filled cookies, rich chocolate crinkles, cream puffs you drool over, cannolis bursting with sweet ricotta, gorgeous Easter egg cakes, and at least … Continue reading The Surprise in the Icing

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