Writing Services

Looking for a creative, dedicated, and passionate writer? Consider hiring me for your next project.

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Payments will be accepted through Venmo, Paypal, or check

Grant Writing

I have worked and written for multiple non-profits and a higher ed. institution writing and submitting local and national sized grants.

Hourly Rate$20

Blog/article writing

I have extensive experience writing blog articles and journalistic content. My blog work can be viewed throughout this site. Journalism examples are located through this link.

Rate per word$.07
Rate per hour$20
I use the hourly rate if research needs to be conducted. Per word is the finished article.


I am well-versed in Chicago, APA, and MLA writing/editing styles. I am open to being hired for editing resumes, letters, articles, emails, short books (ebooks), and op-eds.

Rate per word$.05

English Tutoring

I tutor for all ages. I primarily work with writing and reading comprehension. If you have a student who needs extra help or guidance with their English schoolwork during virtual learning, I am available. I also have experience with adult education, if you are someone who wants to brush up on their creative or professional writing skills, I am available. You can follow this link to read up on my tutoring methods and some reviews from previous students.

Rate per hourly session$22

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/deanna-parenti-6b5b49175/


I have learned so much from Deanna! Not only is she extremely knowledgeable, but she is also a great teacher. Deanna helped me with my grammar misunderstandings and sentence structure, on top of teaching me how to properly edit my papers and how to write for the proper audience. My favorite part about working with Deanna is that she never makes you feel less intelligent, but always is able to teach you something new to help you become a better writer. She always answers every question and ensures that you thoroughly understand her responses before moving on. I would highly recommend Deanna as a tutor. I wouldn’t be half of the writer I am today without being able to learn from her!

Sat Aug 08 2020

— Haley Walker